Mon | Oct 18, 2021

Stories by Shauna-Gaye Brown/Guest Columnist

Published:Wednesday | August 4, 2021 | 12:06 AMShauna-Gaye Brown/Guest Columnist

Recently, there have been talks about the right to freedom of speech, with the emphasis that we are living in a democratic society. However, I wish to suggest there is no such thing as freedom of speech. If we were free to say whatever comes to our...

Published:Wednesday | July 28, 2021 | 12:07 AMShauna-Gaye Brown/Guest Columnist

Generation of vipers are how children of this time are being described because they are considered to be unruly, vicious and evil in behaviour. Howbeit that this generation has become this way without a cause? Didn’t the Bible say we should “train...

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