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Published:Friday | January 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dick was almost right

Devon Dick's article, 'Cut expenses, don't raise taxes' was almost spot on. I strongly disagree with the view that the Government should cut free health and free tuition - providing these facilities will improve the health of the nation and a much more enlightened society. Perhaps, the Church should be more active in these areas.

It is my opinion that raising taxes is lazy and unimaginative. The Government should be focusing on the 50 per cent of eligible tax payers who are avoiding their lawful contribution to the country; pushing for job creation; providing infrastructure to do business; moving street traders to organised market places and encouraging visitors to share the beauty and tranquillity of our historical places.

At the same time, it should not forget to encourage and facilitate nationals to return home. Expatriates bring with them investment, experience and expertise gained abroad. In saying this, I would like to see the removal of unreasonably high taxes on bringing in items for personal use. Governments must begin to shy away from one-off large taxes.

Andrew Harper,

Gays set up Buju?

I honestly think that Buju Banton, was set up by the gay community. I don't know or can't say how, but it is clear that some hanky panky is going on.

Why would a man like Buju be trafficking cocaine? I would be more inclined to believe if it was ganja; but cocaine? Come on!

Whatever the beef he had with the gay community in the past, that gives them no reason to be so vindictive and hateful. After almost two decades, they are still holding a grudge. He is not the only Jamaican or international musician to have made derogatory or even violent remarks about the gay community, so then why are Jamaicans the only ones being targeted?

Don't get me wrong. I am not supporting any anti-gay lyrics or violence, and if Buju is guilty of any wrong doing, the full force of the law must be administered.

I am praying for Buju and encourage all who believe in his innocence to pray too. Prayer moves mountains, and he is standing before one even as I write.

That's my opinion.

Omar Smith,

Kingston 10

Time for crocodile cull

The crocodile population in Jamaica is seriously getting out of control. We're at the stage now where the Government, through the minister with responsibility for the environment, should order a major cull of the reptiles that serve absolutely no purpose for Jamaica or Jamaicans.

Lloyd Walters

Leytonstone, London, England