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Published:Friday | January 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Jamaicans in the west are hopeful for and looking forward to positive changes in the country this year. They were responding to the question, "What are the positives you would you like to see for Jamaica in 2010?"

Pastor Hugh Solomon, coach of the St James High School football team:

That everybody would just come together, forget the crime and violence and let us live in a happy Jamaica. Let's start serving God and put the foolishness aside.

Dr Beverley Scott, child and family therapist, Montego Bay, St James:

I would really like to see people in communities living in harmony and I would like to see a complete reduction in murders of any sort and in particular, reprisal killings. I would like to see people start becoming more understanding and forgiving and have a renewed spirit of harmony.

Angela Haye, president of the Hanover Parish Development Committee:

I would like to see persons look at their lives, exercise discipline, patience, be focused and proactive in how they live their lives and how they conduct business. With proper planning, they should be able to weather whatever storm is likely to blow our way this year. That's how we are going to get past the tsunami. Fear has no place in society. We have to empower ourselves in moving forward.

Adrian Parkinson, president of JUTA, Lucea Chapter:

I want to see the working populace wake up to the reality that we cannot stand idle by due to the world economic crisis. I wish to see more people becoming far more productive.

Dr Lee Bailey, businessman, Montego Bay:

I would really like to see something be done to reduce crime in Jamaica. We really need to get rid of that. Not only the physical crimes, but also the stigma that is attached to Jamaica because of the crime.

Joslyn Lawson, electrical engineer, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland:

I would like to see a drastic reduction in the interest rate charged by the banks. In my view, that is the best way to restore the economy on an even keel.