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New natural roots and tonic wines

Published:Saturday | January 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Laranzo Dacres, Gleaner Writer

Manufacturing company Roxy Industries has introduced two new all natural herb beverages to the Jamaican market. These beverages join Roxy's flagship product Roosta Roots Drink that nabbed the Charles Henderson-Davis Award for Breakthrough product of the year in 2008.

The two new members of the Roxy Industries family are 'Slingshot' an organic fruit wine and 'Manayaad' a roots tonic wine that is a potent combination of the Slingshot fruit wine and the Roosta roots drink, all of which, Roxy Industries promises, will deliver the 'goods' that the consumers require.

But is there room for new forms of beverages other than our traditional favourites? And what will set these new beverages apart from those already dominating the shelves in our supermarkets and wholesales?

SATURDAY LIFE spoke with Ms Camalla LaTouche, marketing manager at Roxy Industries, during a taste test of these all-natural beverages.

"We are promoting a healthy lifestyle, and with these beverages we use natural herbs and we've found that a lot of persons want healthier beverages," said LaTouche.

SAT LIFE: Why Jamaica?

LaTouche: "Mr Alvin Poyser, our CEO is a born Jamaican, and as Jamaicans we want to look out for each other as we are also promoting a healthy lifestyle and where else would we want to start than right here at home. We also support our local farmers as all our ingredients come from local raw materials that they provide."

  • Roosta Roots

  • Kayon: It's a lot milder than other roots drink that I have tried. I don't get that burning sensation after I have had a drink. It gives me a bittersweet sensation that I like. I prefer it warm; I think a lot of persons drink roots right off the shelf -no ice is needed.

    Wendel: It's milder than the roots drinks that I usually drink. It reminds me of some kind of herb, but I can't remember which one. It 'sell off' because it is refreshing!

    Ruthlyn: It tastes milder, everybody says that. It's really not as harsh as other roots. I can't really say what it reminds me of apart from some kind of roots.

  • Slingshot

  • Kayon: This is sweet and reminds me of honey. I would have this with a cold Red Bull drink. I give it a 5.

    Wendel: I prefer this cold, and I would not mix it with anything. It tastes like honey mixed with a herb. It tastes good.

    Ruthlyn: I prefer this out of all the others. It's sweeter and it tastes stronger to me and that is how I like my drinks. I would drink it straight.

    Jermaine: I would mix this with cranberry juice, it has more alcohol and a sweeter taste, and it has a fruity thing bout it ... like mango.

  • Manayaad

  • Kayon: It has a strong scent, something that smells like herb. The taste is different, I would mix this maybe with magnum.

    Wendel: I am not used to this taste, but if it really will make my wife 'stay a mi yard' I will drink it. I would mix this with some white rum or Appleton.

    Ruthlyn: It tastes minty to me, I prefer the Slingshot over this one. This one is like some bush medicine. Still, I would not mix this.

    Jermaine: I would not mix this one, the slogan says if there is any of those 'types' of problems at home this will solve them, so I will drink to that!