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50 years and still in love

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

George HenryGleaner Writer

Levi and Elma Stewart on their wedding day 50 years ago.

When Levi Stewart met his future wife, Elma, in England 50 years ago, it was almost love at first sight. Three months after he arrived in April 1958, he asked her to marry him.

But Elma turned him down. According to her, she did not go to England to get married, but to work and save her money to improve her life. She was also never interested in short men, and her intention was always to marry a tall man.

But Levi was a very persistent young man. Four months after he first asked her, she finally accepted. They got married on November 28, 1959.

They have been living happily together ever since. To mark their golden anniversary, they decided to relive the first most important and happy moment together as man and wife.

On November 28, they renewed their vows at the Knowles Road New Testament Church of God in Mandeville Manchester in front of family and friends.

Levi said he always had his eyes set on Elma, and was always of the view that she could run but that she could not hide. He was always confident that the beautiful damsel would be his wife.

blessed by God

"I said that to her. I knew that she would eventually say yes; and after she said yes, it took us about four months to get married," recalled Stewart.

According to Mrs Stewart, being married to Levi for 50 years is a long time, but it seems like it was just yesterday. The two Christians said their marriage has been blessed by God, because they both try to do their best for the Lord; this, they noted, has made their marriage successful, as God has always been at the centre of all they do.

Levi Stewart renewed his vows to Elma in the same suit he wore on their wedding day in 1959.

"I feel comfortable with her up until this day. From I married her I did not have any doubt that we would live together for such a long time. My vow to her when we got married was 'till death do us part', I am a man who likes to stick to my word and that is it," he boasted.

Mrs Stewart notes that if she had her life to live all over again, she would marry the same man because they have had a very successful marriage.

"I would say to everybody (who is married) that once you know the Lord as your personal Saviour and not playing games, you pray together, read the scriptures together, go to church together, you will get strength for your marriage," she advised.

Dr. Wendel Abel (right) with the happy couple after they renewed their vows.- photos by George Henry

Elma and Levi in front of their wedding cake 50 years ago.

Levi and Elma Stewart after they renewed their vows.