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Yush 'off the chain'

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter

Jhanielle Horgarth and Jessica Marzouca look chic and ready to hit the dance floor at Yush.

Simply put, Yush was 'off the chain'. The Boxing Day soirée held at the National Indoor Sports Centre, featured a whole lot of '90s reggae, mixed with some hip-hop and alternative hits of the period.

Despite the afternoon rain, the large turnout made it clear that Yush was the party to be at that night. People showed up as if they were going to a fashion show.

dressed to impress

They came dressed to impress. The fashion trends of the night were mini dresses with pumps, skinny jeans and 'wife beaters', complemented by crop jackets. Some went for a punk rock look with super-tight leggings, paired with tank tops, jazzed up with a vest or cropped jacket and trendy boots. The males were not to be outdone. They came dressed in super-hot jeans and graphic, t-shirts paired with blazers and loafers or sneakers.

The venue was transformed into a super nightclub with an enormous dance floor for patrons to get jiggy and wild.

With the bars fully stocked and disco lights spinning, patrons had a good time. The DJs raised the roof with tunes such as Buju Banton's Want To Be Loved and classics such as Junior Kelly's Love So Nice, and Greetings by Half Pint.

Throughout the night, the vibe was right and as the air heated up, so did the dance floor. Patrons sipped liquor of their choice as they partied into the wee hours of the morning.

The three musketeers: Joelle Smikle (left), Samora Hodges-Smikle (centre) and Cindy King.- Contributed PHOTOS.

Kurt Schimt and Lorraine Murray make a cute couple.

Dr. Tahira Redwood (left) and Cindy Allman had no qualms about having some fun at the fantastic Mega Club Yush.

Kimone Gardener and Ricardo Austin made a very fashionable duo.

Heineken Brand Manager, Kerry McKenzie hang out with Kamal Bankay.

From left: Maria Walwin and friends Cherita Angus and Jackie Boggis came out to have a good time at Yush, held at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Boxing Day.