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A new and beautiful you

Published:Monday | January 4, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter

If make-up is not your thing, try mascara and you will be surprised at how a little goes a long way.- File

As we start a new year, it is time for us to get rejuvenated and work on being fabulous. Below are some beauty tips that will come in handy for a beautiful you in 2010.

1. It's a new year so try and get a new haircut - perhaps a nice bob or a layered look. If you're nervous about cutting your hair, try a bang to give you a more edgy look. Extensions are convenient but for the new year, instead of synthetic, try a brand like Remi that is human hair, as it will give you a more natural look.

2. Clean nails are a must, so get regular pedicures and manicures, and wear comfortable shoes to avoid bunions. Also, coloured polishes are in, so go crazy with the colours.

3. Acne is a major menace. But a trip to your dermatologist will help. However, where money is tight, try using natural products such as avocado and aloe vera; you will be surprise at the results.

4. The goal is younger-looking skin, but take care of the one you have. Wash daily with a gentle scrub or facial cleanser, moisturise daily, wear sun block to protect your skin from UV rays (especially if living in the tropics) and make sure to remove make-up thoroughly with a proper make-up remover before going to sleep. Get enough sleep and drink lots of water to keep your lovely glow.

5. If make-up was not a part of your routine in '09, try it for 2010. It accentuates your natural beauty. It doesn't have to be much ... just a little liner, some lipgloss is a start. Remember, if you go heavy on the eyes, go softer on the lips with light-shade lip colour. and vice versa. It's the perfect time to get a professional to help you choose a foundation that is the correct shade.

6. A smile says a thousand words so keep yours bright with regular dental check-ups, and floss daily.

7. If you have coloured your hair, make sure to get a protein treatment on a regular basis.

8. Now is a good time to give your cosmetic bag a spring clean. Some of the products in it may have expired, hence it's time to throw those out and restock. It's also a good time to wash all your brushes, combs and rollers.

9. Perfume is a must and there are a lot of lovely fragrances to choose from. Try something new; it may just become your favourite.