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2010 prophecies (Pt 3)

Published:Monday | January 4, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Word of the Lord, through Apostle Steve Lyston, Bishop Doris Hutchinson, Prophetess Sophia Kerr-Dawes, Pastor Michelle Lyston and Minister Nadra Brotherton.

1. It is the year to invest in real estate (Jeremiah 32). This is the year when the 10 nations will rise and a new political and economical system will be in place. (Revelation 12:3; Revelation 13:1, Revelation 17: 3 & 12). The year when God will declare his law, his word and precept in the earth, and accountability time to God. This is the year when the righteous will get rich; the year of famine for the wicked.

2. 2010 is the year of promise realisation. Promise of blessings and retribution as in Leviticus 26. I will give peace in the land to the faithful ones and they shall lie down and none will make them afraid, but I will rid the land of the evil ones (Lev. 26:6). You will chase your enemies and they shall fall by the sword before you. The Lord has revealed a sword, and He said " ... Put it back on the fire and strengthen it". The Lord said the remnant shall return, as per Isaiah 10: 20 -23. The haughty will be humbled, as in Verse 33.

3. Watch the 10th month in 2010. For in 2010, God shall visit every sector. Many will cry out but it will be too late for some. "For I shall show signs and wonders in the earth in the year 2010. Many knees shall bow and man shall say there is no God like Jehovah and Jesus in Lord. For my hand will be heavy on heads of state and those that have robbed my people through fraud," says the Lord of Host (James 5).

In that year, God must be honoured with our wealth or income to be blessed. (I Chronicles 29:14; Proverbs 3:9-10) We will know that it is He who gives power to get wealth. (Deuteronomy 8:18) Great blessing for those who obey, but those that disobey will be devoured in the tenth year (Malachi 3:8-12).

4. "For I Am Not Pleased. Have I Not told you I shall show a sign that shall bring every Jamaican to their knees? There will be weeping and wailing in Jamaica. But I the Lord thy God shall deliver My people for I know the hearts of those who are willing and ready to serve Me in spirit and in truth."

5. Many of the religious and political leaders are attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to the work of the devil. God wants them to remember that the Holy Spirit's work is Holy. (Matthew 12: 31-32) Do not regard God's work as common.

6. The finger of God is writing on the wall, "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin,"Daniel 5:25-28. Do not touch God's set-apart holy vessels! Be careful how you touch his holy vessels! Watch January 10, 2010; February 14, 2010; March 22, 2010; and April 2010.

7. God is calling on his people to cut down on waste and invest in the Kingdom. (Ecclesiastics II) Do business with those who support the Kingdom. Invest in your children's education and health. Do not buy what you do not need. Be wise, keep out of debt and sow your way out. (Genesis 8:22 and Genesis 26) From June 2010, onward, there will be dismal periods, in which many Christians will be drawn closer to the Lord, but some will drift away because of hardship. For those that have tithed and are faithful, God will pour out his anointment upon them and they will be sent to nations to declare God's word.

8. Do not compromise your day of worship. Do not compromise to the anti-Christ system your Christian principles to do evil and support the rulers of this world. Fear God and stand up for Him and He will bless you. Due to economical problems many laws will change and Christians will be forced to do things and compromise their principles. Read Mark 10:28-31 and hold on to His word.

9. There are shipwrecks ahead for many administrations. As the old way of doing business are over, natural advisors without spiritual knowledge to leaders will bring further shipwreck, not recognising that things have changed and the old methods do not work anymore (Acts 27, Matt. 6:33) Many ships are sailing in the wrong path and many will be thrown overboard.

10. Three major churches will be exposed. My people in Jamaica must know the truth, says the Lord, so that they can be delivered and turn back to me. Young people of the land are exploited and shall know the truth, as the truth shall set them free. Pray without ceasing.

11. There will be great water shortage and food world-wide. God is calling on his people to stockpile water. Acts 11:27-30. God is calling on many countries to ensure water is priority. Jamaica is trying to put other projects on the water area. Leave the water areas, as there will be serious consequences. There is great famine ahead!

12. Because of the scarcity of finance, many will want to commit suicide. For some, remorse of many great men will set in. If they repent, their sins will be forgiven. The spirit of the Lord says when He speaks they hear His voice, but they refuse to turn away from their wicked ways. "I have shed my blood for all, so that whosoever hears my voice and obeys shall be saved".