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Prophecies again?

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The annual prophecies from our local 'prophets' who are in touch with the Lord are upon us again. I think your paper provides them as a source of amusement for readers like me. As usual, the 'good' Lord does not have much good in store for us, unless, of course, we tithe. If we do not, there is the usual assortment of weeping and wailing, fire and brimstone, murder and mayhem.

We had better heed the prophets and head to church, for, being a nation of gullible poor people, we should react to the prospects invoked in: "This is the year when the righteous will get rich; the year of famine for the wicked."

Apparently, prophesying these days involves taking quotes from the Bible and rewording them, and rendering them as vague as possible: "For I shall show signs and wonders in the earth in the year 2010. Many knees shall bow and man shall say there is no God like Jehovah and Jesus is Lord."

As one who cares little for these prophets and their so-called prophecies, I am having a good laugh. The pity is that there will be many who will be swearing by what these people spew out.

If God were like man!

I am, etc.,