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International briefs

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Supermarket's heroin sales

BOXES OF heroin have reportedly been found in a Spanish supermarket's plantain deliveries.

Police in Madrid have uncovered over 25 kilograms of the Class A drug hidden in containers holding the yellow fruit, from a number of Lidl stores in the region.

A staff member at one shop discovered a packet of the drug while he unloaded the tropical fruit - which is similar to bananas - and was transported over from the Cte d'Ivoire and Ecuador.

Police officers were contacted and ordered to search all stores in the area with sniffer dogs.

One employee said: "Two or three police cars came and they went straight to the bananas to search them."

The low-cost food store has withdrawn the fruit from sale.

Fickle marriage

A British couple who divorced after 20 years, remarried just six weeks later.

Jan and Lee Jones - who live in Southend-on-Sea in Essex with their 10 children - split up after over two decades, after financial arguments and stresses caused their relationship to break down.

But the pair couldn't live without each other and reunited just weeks later.

Lee said: "We had a lot of problems, like money problems, me working and Jan doing all the work at home, relying on friends to help take the children to school.

"We thought we would get divorced and see what happened."

Jan added: "But we simply decided we couldn't live apart so we got married again."

The couple remarried at their local Exchange public house in front of 25 guests and their children were all bridesmaids and page boys.

Long, cold party

A group of British partygoers celebrated New Year's Eve for three days after getting snowed in.

The 30 revellers were celebrating the start of 2010 in their local Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire when weather conditions took a turn for the worse and left them stranded in eight-feet snowdrifts.

Snowploughs managed to reach the pub three days later - to find the revellers had drunk almost all the alcohol in the pub.

Despite being stranded, the group - who went to the pub for a barn dance - made the most of their situation.

One said: "It's been fun - it's like the ultimate lock-in."

Giant tongue almost kills dog

A dog in Scotland almost died after an accident left her with a giant tongue.

Family pet Penny almost suffocated when her tongue swelled to four times its normal size following a bizarre accident.

The pooch was tucking into her favourite treat - a pig's heart - when part of the dead animal's aorta became stuck around the base of her tongue.

As her mouth muscle started to swell, the 18-year-old animal frantically clawed at her face to try and free it.

Penny's owner Linda Donnelly rushed the animal to a pet hospital in Glasgow.

Vet Dermot Mullen said: "I am just pleased I was able to save her. The prognosis was not at all good."

Linda added: "Pigs' hearts are now completely off the menu!"