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Published:Wednesday | January 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Let us help each other

With reference to the letter, 'Can't feed them, don't have them' published yesterday, in principle, it is true that if the parents know they cannot afford these children, they should not have them.

However, the reality beckons a different picture. Many of these parents may have never had the loving, caring environment which includes, not least of all, an understanding of their moral duties. Maybe if we were truly honest, some of these parents cannot feed their children because of failure of one partner to commit, greed, opportunism, consumerism, keeping up with the Jones' or lack of genuine opportunity.

No handbook for life

We only need to look at the issues of corruption, crime and general moral decadence to see that life does not come with a handbook and an exam.

What I believe needs to be done is a re-examination of the way society interacts. How many times have we dressed up, gone to church and walked by a fellow human being without as much as 'hello'? Jamaica, on a whole, is so much more than bitterness and greed! Pious talk will not solve the problem. Out of many, one people ... let us help each other by becoming positive examples.

David Jarrett

Damage control?

The Gleaner article entitled 'We were always aware' published yesterday did not say why the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) would have had an accounting system that could not accommodate an immediate tax adjustment, especially when one considers that the announcement of the tax was made at least three weeks prior to the time when it would have taken effect. It does not sound plausible to me, and I feel that the Government is being manipulated and maybe sabotaged by JPS, the Opposition and The Gleaner in this instance. This, I also feel, has forced the minister to lie for the purpose of damage control.

John Blake

Will GCT affect all of JPS bills?

Our electricity bills have three components: the energy charge, F/E adjustment and the fuel and IPP charge. I would like to know if the consumption tax will apply to the complete bill or limited (as I think it should be) to the energy charge?

The fuel charge, as far as I am concerned, shouldbe exempt,as I understand it to be each customer's share of the fuel used by the company to generate power.

Carl Stephenson