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Garveyism is relevant

Published:Wednesday | January 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I hope Mr Dingwall is not a stereotype or a racist thug. If he is not, then he is quite illiterate.

Facts: The world was first occupied by black people in Africa about 20,000 years ago. Other people or nations were unheard of. Only 14,000 years ago, when blacks moved northwards out of Africa did they meet new people - the Europeans, Asians Ottoman Empire Chinese etc. Then, like flower petals opening, people ventured further to the left and the right of the globe; through Alaska down to South America; to the right into Asia; China down to Australia. Then the world started spinning and people started moving in a cobweb - like fashion.

The first heavily industrialised nation was China. About 4000 BC Africa had the first known civilization and cultures.

introduction of Racism

Racism did not appear on the planet until about 1200 to 1400 AD when the Europeans - unable to get to the industrialised and wealthy East - sailed West, mistakenly, to avoid highway bandits.

The Europeans brought racism to the world because prior to that, most nations defended their own turf - for the most part - and were highly cooperative.

harshest slavery

Europeans gave the world the harshest slavery in the history of humankind. They colonised the world and fattened from organisations we today call the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank today.

Poor countries (black countries) will forever be poor because that's is how the 'invisible hand' works. Divide and oppress poor nations and blacks is the name of the game. The IMF and World Bank are rapist of poor Southern economies.

Read your history and it will direct your future. That is why Garveyism is still relevant.

We need our own civil-rights movement to lift us from the gutter and, boy, aren't black people moving up. Obama, Obama, hold them Marcus.

I am, etc.,

Geego Ranking

London, England