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Dessert on the go

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Pictures can say a thousand words and just looking at these two will send you yearning for one. The coffee toffee twisted frosty should be a hit for coffee lovers. It is featured in one size at a cost of $260. In background is the frosty-cino which comes in the form of a shake. Available in small and large sizes, they go for $295 and $395, respectively.

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

Fast-food restaurants are taking the notion of fast food to a whole new dimension. It is a fact that some fast-food restaurants have for some time added dessert items to their menu. However, what is new is the increase in restaurants offering this as well as the various options customers have.

Wendy's, KFC, Burger King and Mothers are some of the more popular fast-food restaurants that have been serving up tasty dessert treats.

Going to one of these restaurants does not necessarily have to result in you indulging in a complete meal, as a sweet treat comprising a dessert option can also be quite satisfactory to the taste buds. If at the end of a meal you still feel a void, maybe a sweet treat is what you need to feel complete. And if you are strapped for time, exploring the dessert menu can be useful in filling a gap.

This week, Food looks at some of the mouth-watering desserts you can try out, whether after a full meal or by itself.

Note that these are just some of what these restaurants carry as they may have other options on their dessert menu.


With Wendy's twisted frosty you can choose from three different flavours. At a cost of $260, you can indulge in cookie dough, oreo or m&m, and not only does it have the flavour, it also has bits and pieces of the actual sweet treats.

Coming in three different flavours - strawberry, vanilla and chocolate - Wendy's frosty shakes come in two sizes, small and large, for $295 and $395, respectively.

Get on a sweet high with the hershey pie from Burger King at a cost of $160.

Burger King has been known for its pies, and the apple pie is one of the favourites among customers. At a cost of $160, it can be yours.

Care for ice cream? Well, Mother's gives you the option of selecting from 15 great flavours that are currently sold in 11 of its locations. Ranging in different sizes from a scoop or cone to a quart, you can spend between $160 and $680.