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Gordon House poppyshow

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Gordon House, the seat of our nation's Parliament is supposed to be the place where the laws governing our country are enacted and the business of the people dealt with.

The invasion of Gordon House by the Opposition on Tuesday, to conduct a one-sided 'debate' represents, in my view, the greatest abuse of our parliamentary system since Independence.

Parliament ought not to be a poppy show nor a place for juvenile antics. What the leader of the Opposition, Mrs Simpson Miller and her crew did on Tuesday was to reduce our Parliament to farce. Can anyone conceive of this happening at the British House of Commons, The Barbadian Parliament, or indeed in any of the countries which adhere to the Westminster form of parliamentary democracy?

The least that the Opposition should do is to offer to pay for the electricity that was consumed during their occupation of Gordon House.

The authorities should consider upgrading the security arrangements to ward off any future attempts at capturing Parliament for childish side-shows.

I am, etc.,