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Armed Caymanas intruder arrested

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

ALERTNESS ON the part of a police team and Caymanas Park's security detail on Tuesday, resulted in the recovery of a firearm and the arrest of an intruder in the stable area of the racetrack.

The man, who was allegedly spotted sneaking into the Caymanas Park compound through a hole in the perimeter wall, was kept under surveillance.

The police team and Caymanas Track Limited security chief Jason McKay challenged the man after he attempted to enter a stable range.

He was searched and a semi-automatic pistol with ammunition was taken from him.

Ever since the killing of racehorse trainer Donovan Bruce late last year, tension has been high in the stable area at Caymanas Park as it was alleged that other trainers were being targeted.

One of the suspects in Bruce's killing was killed in a shoot-out with the police.

A source from the St Catherine South Police division told The Gleaner there are strong leads that an alleged murder attempt was thwarted by the quick action of the police and security personnel.

Security was beefed up after Bruce's killing, especially in areas where the perimeter wall could be easily breached.

The man held yesterday was apprehended about a quarter mile away from where Bruce was killed.

The size of the racetrack and its expanse has been a major security concern for years. The professional groups, led by trainers' representative Vincent Edwards, have been calling for the stable area to be zoned and fenced off from intruders.