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Published:Friday | January 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Streamline gov't offices

All our government offices and other important places where people go for services must, as a matter of priority have their processes streamlined in order to achieve greater efficiencies. Too much time is wasted trying to transact business in places like banks, tax offices, JPS offices, NWC offices and a host of other government departments. It is even appalling the length of time it takes to make a report at a police station; most persons don't even bother to consider it.

When there are clear documented processes and procedures set in these organisations, then employees and managers must be held accountable if the level of efficiency is not improved. Teachers should not have to take four hours from school to cash a cheque. One should not spend an hour in line to pay a bill or to make an enquiry at the JPS or NWC offices. This result in a high level of inefficiency in the nation and retards our development.

The culture of the workers must be changed. They must see the persons who visit these offices to transact businesses as important people who have other things to do, and they must move with alacrity to serve them because they must seek to render a fair day's work for the salary which they are paid.

Lennox Denton


Others helped AA crash victims

I am happy that Ms. Howard's assistance to the crash victims of the American Airlines flight 331 is being recognised. However, there were others who offered their assistance.

I was among a group of about 12 persons transported to the airport by a minibus whose driver and conductor seemed to have come specifically to help. I cannot tell if the bus was from JUTA, JUTC or otherwise, or whether the gentleman who assisted us into the bus was really a conductor.

I was only grateful that someone had come to take us out of the pouring rain after the trauma of the crash and then the inordinately long wait for rescue. Though I did not get their names at the time, I would like to express my gratitude for their kind assistance. Many, many, thanks, gentlemen.

L. Duncan


Glad over probe findings

I am glad to hear the preliminary findings issued so far in relation to what transpired before the crash landing of flight AA 331. I am especially pleased at the fact that evidence has been revealed that our personnel at Norman Manley did in fact advise the pilot of the aircraft that, based on the tailwind conditions, a runway 30 approach was the best option.

The only thing I would like to know further is at what stage of the approach was this advice given to the pilot. Nevertheless, even if it were in the latter stages of his approach, I think the pilot should still have been able to execute a go-around or a missed approach.

Leo Richards