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Partying with the Mayor

Published:Friday | January 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Mayor of Kingston Desmond McKenzie 'drops a leg' with wife, Marcia, at his appreciation party.

Eden Gardens, the place of weddings and snazzy banquets, was the place for a groovy oldies session on Wednesday, December 30.

Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, again hosted his annual appreciation party at the Lady Musgrave Road venue and people did come out to party with "the hardest working mayor in the Caribbean" as the MC called him. His Worship, dapper as usual, (picture Ken Boothe at Heineken Star Time), opened the dance floor to some hip-moving soca tunes. Seconds earlier, he had kept with his tradition of not taking an eternity to thank all in attendance for their support of the council. So, few sentences aside, it was time for some dancing.

And dance they did to whatever veteran selector Señor Daley sent through the speakers. Whether it was rocksteady, ska, revival or disco, he found something for everyone to move to. He had everyone in a dancing mood, including folks who had attended other events at the property. While not 'crashing the party', they still joined in the end-of-year merriment.

Among those out were: Kent Pantry; Patrick Bailey; Erica Virtue; Alty Benjamin; Andrea Whyte; Richard Chin; Fae Ellington; Erica Allen; Norma Brown-Bell; Elon Parkinson; Desmond Allen; Wilton Dyer; Captain Gimen Mendes and his wife, Jennifer; Rose Bennett; Millicent Lynch; Delano Seiveright; Richard Porteous; Merdina Callum; Ian Andrews; Rohan Powell; Christine King; Marilyn Facey; Tricia Spence; E.G. Hunter; and Minna Israel.

Margot Morrison gets down to the music at the mayor's appreciation party on December 30. - Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

G2K President Delano Seiveright (second right) hangs out with (from left) G2K execs Richard Porteous (left), Richard Chin, and Merdina Callum, the rose among the thorns.

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn (right) elicits a comical reaction from Mayor McKenzie at his party.

The dance floor, complete with the party fog, was never devoid of partygoers.

Mayor McKenzie makes the acquaintance of Toni-Ann Reid while friend April Jackson looks on.

It's a big hug for Merline Daley as Mayor McKenzie is in a happy mood.

Marcia McKenzie (right), wife of the mayor, raps with the Francis sisters, Colette (left) and Andrea, at the party.

Chinese Ambassador Chen Jinghua (right) and wife Xiao Linhua came out to celebrate with Mayor McKenzie.

New Custos of Kingston Steadman Fuller (right) and wife, Sonia, greet Mayor McKenzie.