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Something extra

Published:Friday | January 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Errice Anderson looks absolutely foxy at the party.

It's a new year but nothing has changed - we still love to party.

Budding photographer, Johan Hedgrinton captured Brittany-Marie Aarons, (third right), wearing a burgundy Lenovia creation for her recent 16th birthday celebration with friends. From left are Kimberly Hanson, Monique McIntosh, April Walters, Justine Anderson, Samantha Watson, and De'Lamoore Downie. - Contributed

Brigitte Foster-Hylton (right), adds her congrats to Melaine Walker (left) on another birthday celebration, while Janelle Gordon looks on. - PHOTOS BY Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

A pregnant Dacia Smith (third left) cuts the baby shower cake with her friends and family (from left) Dawn Brooks, Marlyn Brown, Martine Beckford, Metty Scarlett-Jones, Stacy Hamilton and Karene Brown during the event at Montego Bay Club Resort on Sunday January 3. - Photo by Janet Silvera

The centre of attention, Melaine Walker (left) shares camera time with Juliet Campbell.