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Make your shadows glow

Published:Saturday | January 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dayna Raynor, Gleaner Writer

If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then why not make them desirable to gaze into. Eye shadows are a fun way for a girl to change her look by using a simple or daring combination of colours. Single light colours are fun and easy to use on an everyday basis, just to give our faces a fresh look. Take a look at these eye-catching shades!

Glittery Shadows

Glittering colours are great for creating a dramatic girly look. They are best for night wear and come in every colour imaginable. Create a look with these shades on your next girls' night out and recommend it to your friends.

Large eye-shadow palettes

These are great for the girl who wants it all at once. They come with a vast number of shades, ranging from 40, 88 and 120. Use these in every way possible for any imaginable look. Most fade vertically, from light to dark, and come complete with glittering shades too. The more shades you have in each palette make infinite possibilities.

Runway eye shadows

These shadows are perfect for the girl who likes to blend her colours. The shades in these small palettes use one colour and go from light to dark to make blending the colours easier. With their special complimenting colour pallets however, varying shades can be used together to make combining colours fun and simple.

Odd-combination shadows

This contains a pair of shades to be used together to create a different, yet appealing, look. You have three options with these shades:

Blend the two colours into each other, using which ever you like first.

Show the two distinct colours side by side.

Collect them all and make your own fun combinations.

One thing's for sure, you are sure to have a blast with these fun collectibles.

Eye pigments

These are not your everyday eye shadows and are as bright on the skin as they are in their containers. These bright shades last a lot longer than regular shadows and are used to create dramatic looks. Use M.A.C. pigments the next time you're creating a masterpiece for your eyes.

Single colours

There are hundreds of brands to choose from for these pretty and simple shades but girlactik is recommended. These shades are as smooth as silk and are easier to apply than many others. One coat of these beauties and you are good to go, so try this brand the next time you're using eye shadows.

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