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Issue: Church needs deep soul-searching

Published:Saturday | January 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Following on the discussion re the Church, below are some salient points that should cause the Church in Jamaica to engage in deep soul-searching of its real mission.

The Church, as an institution, has contact with the community from the cradle to the grave. This gives them the opportunity to assist in the development of the whole man. Is this the case in most of our churches?

Many churches operate basic schools. How many of these children and their parents are impacted by what they have been taught, as it relates to being good citizens and to promote nation building?

Most churches have a Sunday School or Sabbath School depart-ment. How has either impacted their membership as it relates to deep spiritual commitment and, as a result, has a positive influence on the community?

Church record

What is the record of the Church as it relates to injustice, and what real action has it taken in preventing and demanding change?

What is the record of the Church as it relates to orphans and widows? According to James 1 vs 27, pure religion that is undefiled before God is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction. Remember Armadale - could it have been prevented? How many churches operate a home for the motherless and fatherless?

What is the record of the Church as it relates to corruption? Has the leadership of the Church ever met to deal with the issue, knowing that numerous members have fallen prey to corruption in its many forms? Has Ian Boyne ever dis-cussed the matter on 'Religious Hard Talk'?

Breaking the law

How many members of the Church are guilty of not paying their taxes? (Matthew 17-24-27). How many church members steal electricity and dump garbage in the gullies with little or no regard for the environment? How many borrow and never pay back? How many church members will break the law to protect their relatives and friends?

How many churches and their members are more loyal to politicians than to the God they claim they serve? Pastor Karl Johnson claims the problem is more complex than it seems. Is it because the Church has overlooked the points raised above?

I am, etc.,


Montego Bay

St James