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Seeing in the new year, Terra Nova style

Published:Sunday | January 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Chester Francis-Jackson, Gleaner Writer

Dr Carolyn Gomes and husband Richard spending some time on the dance floor.

For many, New Years' Eve celebration is one of the single most important social outings.

In this respect, each year, the question occupying the minds of many is where exactly to say fond adieu to the old year and welcome the new. Traditionally, this is a question usually settled by the desire to see in the new year in the company of family and friends.

For lovers of more traditional forms of celebrations (with the garish and pedestrian form of celebrating seemingly becoming the norm), going out on that night has become much more of a daunting task. So much so, that more persons are simply retiring to the comforts of their homes, as against going out publicly to face the frenzied hordes of the hoi polloi, determined to make the occasion a spectacle!

This year, with the hoi polloi basically running roughshod all over what was once hallowed party grounds, for those with that sense of élan, the New Year's Eve celebration of choice was, decidedly, the do hosted by the 'Republic of Hussland' at the Terra Nova All-Suite hotel, under the auspices of the Christelle Harris Charity Fund. The Christelle Harris Charity Fund is a registered non-profit organisation, established by the beautiful Harris, to make a difference in the lives of young people across Jamaica, by providing financial assistance to institutions, individuals and organisations, where the mandate is that of assisting those most in need.

Ever the philanthropists, her doting grandparents Laurie and Ruth Hussey, as well as parents Anthony and Angeline Hussey-Harris, decided on supporting the very noble charitable undertakings and hosted a fund-raising charity New Years' Eve extrav-aganza. Some of the institutions to benefit are the St Michael's Basic School, Dumfries Basic school and The Cedric Titus high school, all in the parish of Trelawny.

Those of y'all in the know, know that the matriarch of the Hussey family, Ruth, is the sainted patroness of haute dos. Her parties are not only the very acme of haute and grand style, they are the very essence of living fantasy. And those shortlisted, are guaranteed a party above and beyond the ordinary! And so it was for December 31, 2009!

Let there be no doubt that Kingston's (and the region's) 'first lady' of interior and festive decor, is the oh-so-very-charming, and talented Ann-Marie Weise was naturally, the decor designer of choice. She simply went to town in transforming the hotel's poolside and deck into a winter palace, complete with dazzling icicles and dripping lights from the ceiling of the giant white marquee that housed the festivities!

What an ode to fabulousness! It was truly one fabulously hot event; from the 'red-carpet' welcome, the champagne and martini bar, to the absolutely smashing fare that was on offer from one entered until the first hours of the new year. There was no fluff, just unrivalled indulgence that would have made even some of histories more indulgent monarchs go green with envy! And to think that for such a sumptuous social, culinary and alcoholic feast, the cost per person was a mere JA$10,000, y'all know we are talking about a near royal treat here!

And then, there were the guests, the very créme, including leading members of the ruling politburo; socialites; movers-and-shakers; the well-to-do and the chic, all with one accord, seeing out the annus horribilis that was 2009, in the hope that 2010 will be a much better one!

Among those sharing in the festivities were: Transport Minister Mike Henry and wife Dawn Chambers-Henry; Energy Minister James Robertson and wife Charlene; Information Minister Daryl Vaz and his stunning wife Ann-Marie; Derrick Smith and wife Carlene; Lisa Hanna and companion Richard Lake; Glynne Manley; the elegant Jo Paige; John Marzouca; Gloria Harris; RobertMacMillan; the esteemed Susan Alexander; Sonia Vaz; Peter and Faye Bangerter; Gerry Neilson and companion le grande dame Lorna Myers. The tres elegant Jennifer Lim; Phillip and Mary Henriques; Richard and Diana Stewart; Capt. Michael Lyn and wife, social empress Thalia; Russell and Carole Hadeed; Gurney and Mavis Beckford; Norman and Jean Wright; Capt. David McRae and Dr Allison Haughton-Green; Karlene Max-Brown and her stunning daughter Sophia; Mark and Leisha Linehan; Phillip Rousseau and the fab Ann-Marie Weise. Yogi and Claire Fernandez; Eddie and Victoria DePass; Michael and Margaret Adam; Lionel Bayliss and Suzie Ammar.

Also out were: Dr Henry and Dorothy Rainford; Dr Gordon and Phillipa Bradshaw; Dr Freddie and Eileen Clarke; Abdulla and Helga Marzouca; the lovely Lisa Mahfood; Gregory and Viv Lue-Tenn; Mark and Karen Myers; Candy Creighton DePass; Mark and Jenny Berry; Steven and Jianne Robertson; Ricky and Kara Vaz; Gregory and Michelle Mayne and her daughters Danielle, Bianca and Alianna Bovell. Jeremy and Nina Harding; Ravi and Samara Daswani; Phillip and Melanie Schwapp; Phillip and Erroleen Powell; James and Jacqueline Lechler; Yara and Toni Akkari; Wayne Nasralla and the lovely Maria Francis; Nari Williams-Singh and his fabulous fiancée, Trisha Thompson; Mark and Selena Wong; Olga and Colin Lim; John and Margot Jameson; Roberto and Joanne Ortuso; Mario and Amanda Anderson; Bob and Patrice Holness; Bradley Shackleton and Trish McCarthy.

Also spotted were Hussey family members: Outram and Marcia Charles and Alicia ; Anthony and Angeline Hussey-Harris; Percy and Eleanor. Also out were; David Banmiller and companion the fabulous-looking Michelle Hussey, who jetted in from Ireland to see in the new year with family and friends; the lovely Liz McAdam; Samuel Getz and companion, Donna Robinson; Andrew and Suzie Hussey; Vance and Michelle Campbell; Emil and Anna Ryan, who jetted in from Florida; and the fabulously lovely Christelle Harris and her beau Justus Arison, plus a number of others.

If 2010 continues like it opened at the Terra Nova, then it's gonna be one fab year!

Members of the Hussey family (from left), Michelle Hussey Jennifer Lim, Ruth and Laurie Hussey, welcoming 2010 together. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Digicel Jamaica boss Mark Linehan (second left) and wife Leisha (left) joke with Trisha Thompson and her beau Nari Williams-Singh.

From left: Ann-Marie Wyss, Ruth Hussey and Michelle Hussey having a whale of a time.- photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer