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Published:Monday | January 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Plaudits to Tony Rebel

I applaud reggae artiste Tony Rebel for his continued unapologetic stance in support of positive and clean Jamaican music, despite his seemingly being in the minority of an industry filled with many lyrically unsophisticated artistes.

The continued huge support for entertainers like Tony Rebel is proof that there is still a place for decent music in Jamaica. I hope that like-minded entertainers will join him in cleaning up our music industry.

As a country, we ought to appreciate more meaningfully that a lot of what is being carried off as music poses a greater threat to the maintenance of an orderly and decent society than it seeks to provide satisfying entertainment. The sooner we realise that and deal with the threat, the better.

It is really a huge tragedy when you have an event like the Shaggy and Friends fund-raising concert being spoilt by the presence of one of our lyrically sterile dancehall artistes. The promoters of the concert should have been more responsible in determining the performers, especially given that it is in support of a children's cause.

While I accept and do defend our rights as a people in a democratic society, we cannot continue to allow those whose actions continue to undermine or threaten peace, decency and order in our society to use our constitutional protections as cover for their actions.

Kevin K.O. Sangster

What is the Church?

In recent times, much has been said about the Church, such as what it is saying or not saying, doing or not doing. The majority of these articles have not defined the Church. May I remind us that the Church is essentially a body of believers.

Many writers, who are members of churches, seem to distance themselves from the operation of their respective church by referring to 'the Church'.

The Church does not and has never functioned without people, the human element. If the allegations made are true, then it is the people, who have failed. I get the impression that the Church is just an entity, something devoid of human input, based on some of these comments.

How about taking a long and really hard look at that person who smiles so smugly back at you from the mirror?

Dillard Daley


Dine at home

The fast-food businesses in Jamaica keep raising their prices to the public as they say their expenses keep going up. An understandable reason! However, the Jamaican public does not have to keep buying their expensive food as no one is getting salary increases to keep up.

The increases in raw materials are blamed on the taxes. The solution is to eat outside of your house less and you will see the businesses operate on a smaller margin of profit.

Magga Dawge