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Published:Monday | January 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM

By: The Soloist, Contributor

We are all by now, tired of hearing the constant chatter about how tough this year is going to be. Salaries are frozen, taxes are thawing and galloping; prices are increasing and monthly bills are mutating. Many of us are going to buckle under the economic pressure and some of us are going to do what we do best ... SURVIVE!

Yes, women who are worth their weight in gold will continue to survive life's pressures and some of us will even become better in the process. We will call on our reserves in skills and talents and work to pay ourselves the money private and public sectors plan to withhold from us this year.

For readers who don't have a clue, here are some ideas. If you are still in doubt, ask your grandmothers to help.

1. Remember the days when eating out was a once a month (pay day), treat? Return to them now. Instead go to the market and buy fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare healthy meals at home.

2. Roast the beef or chicken on Sundays, save the breast to make sandwiches for lunch on Monday. Use the bones and carcass to make a stock for gravies.

3. Girls in their pre-teen years have no need to go to the hairdresser weekly. Mothers need to stop being so lazy and bond with their girls through shampooing and combing their hair themselves. Your mothers did it! Count up all that money saved and use it to buy books or go out to dinner.

4. If you used to go to the movies every week, rent DVDs instead and treat yourselves to the cinema less frequently.

5. Do you really need a full-time helper? Get a day's worker once or twice weekly and start getting the family to help with the chores at home, children can clean their rooms, wash dishes and care for the pets.

6. Invest in a washing machine (if you don't already have one), do your own laundry and get someone to do the ironing.

7. Stop buying new outfits for every wedding, ball or banquet; recycle the pieces in the wardrobe sensibly. So, if you wore a dress to a function in the city last year, this year, wear it to an event out of town or overseas. Better yet, swap with close friends or siblings you trust.

8. Repair shoes, bags and clothes if they can be repaired rather than throwing them out and buying new ones.

9. Get even with the utility companies by consuming less. Turn off lights; get in touch with your romantic side by having candlelight diners at home; iron all your work clothes and the children's uniforms once a week, watch only one television and unplug equipment that is not in use. Install motion sensitive lights outdoors and remove features that are not in use on your land line phones.

10. Finally, start telling people who come to solicit for barbecue and every ticket under the sun, a big NO! Stop giving your hard-earned dough to every Tom, Dick and Harry who begs and save it for the next 350 odd days.!