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PCS rolls out FortisBlue

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM


Port Computer Services Limited (PCS), the Jamaican partner of Westbrook Technologies, is now offering FortisBlue, a web-based document management software catering to the entry level market.

FortisBlue, which was launched internationally by Westbrook in October 2009, stores documents in a single location that can be accessed from most web-browsers, allowing for connectivity from any remote location.

Annmarie Curtis, client services manager of PCS, said the partnership with Westbrook was a natural fit for PCS as the solutions offered are feature-rich and are priced competitively in comparison to similar products. The excellent support offered by Westbrook, she said, was also a deciding factor.

Shipping Feature: How user-friendly is FortisBlue?

Annmarie Curtis: This high-quality solution is easy to implement and users will find it easy to learn, which will allow them to focus on the functionality of the product rather than spending most of their time trying to figure out how to use it. End users and administrators will find that FortisBlue's intuitive interface makes daily tasks much easier. Users can set up the FortisBlue navigation pane in the configuration that works best for them and set a folder as their FortisBlue "home."

SF: What are the advantages of having FortisBlue as a business solution?

AC: The advantages of using FortisBlue is that it takes less time to deploy; allows for easy access from anywhere, once the user has an Internet connection; lower price point; ability to run on multiple operating systems and several levels of security to ensure that it is accessible only by authorised personnel.

SF: What are some of the other functions of this business solution software?

AC: FortisBlue can be used for multiple purposes, all easy to learn. Users can toggle between multiple documents, query results, folder contents and databases with a tabbed view. They can choose and re-order which columns to display in a result set on-the-fly. It also allows the user to view a full set of fields for detailed work and a limited number of fields, such as only date, customer name and product code, for a review process. Speed data entry with point and shoot indexing is also a feature of this solution.

SF: You mentioned that FortisBlue can be accessed from any remote location. does this affect the appearance of the interface?

AC: Not at all. Users can access the same interface with user preferences applied, at home, at work or on the road. Additionally, users can apply annotations, including lines size, boxes, stamp text, and redaction. The solution also allows for the merging of documents, reordering of pages with a thumbnail view of each page.

SF: What kind of support will PCS offer to its clients should they choose to use this solution?

AC: PCS provides flexible deployment options to clients, including offering the software as a service option which allows the company to host the application on its servers, thus saving clients the cost to purchase the hardware or software. The traditional deployment method is also available where the customer purchases the system upfront. Customers who purchase outright will still enjoy the advantages of lower prices and great support from PCS and our partners.

Other features of FortisBlue include:

Point and shoot OCR for keyless data entry

Support of over 300 file types

Full text and metadata search

Web-based systems which allow for administrative activity from any computer

Built-in workflow

Software located in "the cloud", hence there is no need to install at workstations

Full unicode compliance to dynamically support multiple languages