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Cold front brings out winter gear

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Laura Redpath, Senior Gleaner Writer

Jamaica is the last place in the world where winter fashion could make a statement - until yesterday.

As a result of Sunday's heavy winds and wind chill, persons got up yesterday morning and donned sweaters, jackets and even winter coats.

Tiffany Maddo in Rollington Town said there was no damage done to her neighbourhood in spite of the heavy winds.

"It appeared like it was a hurricane," she said.

However, the wind chill resulted in temperatures lower than the average for this time of the year.

"The temperatures are signifi-cantly colder," said Lawrence Brown, senior forecaster for the Meteorological Service at The Norman Manley International Airport.

According to Brown, the cold front has passed, heading east, and Jamaicans are now experiencing the cold sector, compliments of North America.

Debbie Channer of Denham Town was walking in downtown Kingston sporting a jacket.

"Is my boyfriend's jacket," she said. "He got it in England."

She, too, felt the chill in the air on Sunday night.

"It was very much cold, very much cold and there was no light. I scream likkle bit. I hear the breeze singing woo, woo," she said.

Despite the screaming when the power went out and feeling cold, Channer said she was enjoying the change, except for the temperature of the water.

"Water was cold, but I have to have my bath."

Enjoying the weather

A man who claimed to be from the Bellevue Hospital was dressed in two layers.

"I don't have no coat," he said, "so I wear a shirt."

He, too, was enjoying the weather.

Sheldon Sinclair wore a winter coat that would undoubtedly keep him warm in sub-zero temperatures. He, like Debbie Channer's boyfriend, got his winter wear in England.

Sinclair, from New Hope in Trelawny, described the weather as "rain falling and breeze blowing".

When asked if he wasn't feeling a bit warm wearing the heavy coat in downtown Kingston, he said, "Me nuh have no bag fi put it in."

Persons have commented on it and according to Sinclair, "dem say dem like it".

Mellesia Maxwell from Central Village said:" "This morning was cold and breezy. Water come een like ice water."

Tomorrow, Jamaicans can expect temperatures to climb once again.

- Photos by Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer