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Defence lawyers on warpath

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

DEFENCE ATTORNEYS in the Cuban light-bulb corruption and money-laundering case say they will be seeking to block certain recordings from being entered into evidence.

Patrick Atkinson, who represents North East St Elizabeth Member of Parliament Kern Spencer, has also said he would be demonstrating to the court that former co-accused, Rodney Chin, was not a credible witness.

The trial was adjourned yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court after defence counsel requested two days to analyse recordings taken from a cellular phone handed over by Chin.

Overseas aid

K.D. Knight, who is representing Wright, has said that he might seek the assistance of overseas experts to verify the authenticity of the recordings.

"There are specific issues that I would like to put to the expert for his guidance," Knight told the court after his colleague, Patrick Atkinson, had requested the adjournment.

Atkinson told the court that advice from one expert suggested that there were "serious problems that would directly impact the admissibility of the contents of these phones into this matter".

He also told the court that there were other issues which, "very recently, came to our attention, which will directly impact the credibility, or lack thereof, of Rodney Chin."

Evidence on tape

Spencer, Coleen Wright and Chin were arrested in February 2008 and charged with money laundering and corruption arising out of the implementation of the energy-saving project.

Charges were later dropped against Chin.

The Crown has told the court that Chin captured 27 recordings between himself, Spencer and Sherine Shakes on his Samsung cellular phones.

Chin said he began recording with one phone, which began to mal-function. He said he then transferred about six recordings to a second phone by way of bluetooth technology. One of those recordings was later transferred to a third phone, the witness said.

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