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Positive action needed

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Last month, I attended the funeral of my mother-in-law and I had to use the road from Sandside in St Mary to Preston, Bonnygate.

I could not believe in this modern age, a road surface could be so horrible and people have to drive their vehicles on it every day.

Does the people's representative care about the welfare of the very people who put him in office? Does he use the road himself? Does he have a conscience? Is he aware of the obviously higher vehicle-maintenance cost of those having to use the road?

Caring attitude

Although times are hard, fixing portions of the road periodically (and filling in the worst sections with marl) until properly completed would indicate to the inhabitants the desirable caring attitude of their representative. Aren't taxes being paid by those living in the area? Why aren't they given the consideration they deserve?

The people's representative must demonstrate a better and more humane sense of responsibility to the people whom he is elected to represent.

Positive action in this matter cannot be too soon.

I am, etc.,

Stanley G. Walter

Plantation, Florida