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Facing the truth

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Many have benefited and continue to benefit from the dysfunctional status quo in all areas of our society. Anyone, Government or otherwise who tries to change it will, therefore, make enemies of most of us and face cynicism from the rest.

Here is a Government that says it wants to get rid of or fix everything that we couldn't fix over the last 30 years. These things did good for some of us but have drained and held back all of us. Air Jamaica, the inequitable tax system and the sugar and banana industries are among the problem areas. The Europeans and hurricanes seem to have saved us the trouble with bananas but the others are still killing us.

If we had any doubt, the worst recession in 70 years has clearly shown that we can't sustain these things anymore.

What has been the response of the intelligentsia, the media and the Opposition? A chorus of cynicism, predictions of failure, obstruction and even demands to put more money in so that things don't change.

Private interests

No matter how complex the issues are, anyone who can rid us of sugar and Air Jamaica should be cheered on. Time to let private interests try to run sugar and Air Jamaica or close them.

To the media, I say your role is not to be cynical just to seem controversial, hip or cool. Your role is to seek and speak the truth. It is to hold that truth up to our faces and not let us turn away from it. Let the truth do its job. The liars and frauds will all fall away to be replaced by the honest and well intentioned. You are part of the effort to build a nation, after all.

I am, etc.,

Claude Russell

Spanish Town, St Catherine