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Maintain your enthusiasm

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Patricia Grant-Kitson, Career Writer

It can be a demoralising experience to be job-hunting for a long time without success. We have to be careful with spending, juggle bill payments, forego entertainment agendas and business opportunities and this can make us depressed, anxious, frustrated and leave us feeling very much like a failure.

We ask ourselves, how much longer can we endure this?

The answer is, we can and we must.

These are not easy times, so we must be strong and persistent and have a solid plan of action that will enable us to pick up, brush off, maintain our enthusiasm, and 'wheel and come again' whenever we are unsuccessful. This plan should incorporate:

Review of the last interview/s: Assess your strengths and weaknesses by considering the answers to these questions: Were you prepared for the questions that were asked? What questions did you fumble with? How would you have answered them if you had a second chance? Is there a pattern of questions that keep arising in relation to the type and scope of work you are seeking? Did your attitude, body language and voice project confidence, competence and enthusiasm?

Review of job search strategy: Do you have a contact database of the companies you are applying to - addresses, telephone numbers, names of human resource managers (and/or other key person in the employment process), etc.? Are you applying for jobs that fit your qualifications, work experience and personality? Are you certain that your applications are reaching the right persons, and in a timely manner?

Do you call the companies, as necessary, to verify receipt of your application? Are you utilising all avenues to determine job openings - newspapers, Internet, family and friends, former work associates, pastors and church members, government officials, Justices of the Peace, etc.?

Review of employment expectation: What type of job are you expecting to find - full-time, part-time, temporary, contract? What is the minimum income that you can work for that will adequately cover your bills? Do you have other skills that can allow you to earn an income in an unconventional way? Can you deal with a job that's of a lower status than your previous job? Can you create your own job?

Review of support mechanism: Are you maintaining your presence at family functions, social gatherings with friends, or are you retreating from contact with others? Do you have persons encouraging you and helping you to remain upbeat and positive? Are you thinking and speaking positive things about yourself?

As we enter the new year, say goodbye to the past failed interviews. It's no use beating on yourself for the things you think you did wrong.

Forgive yourself and make a pledge to be resilient, to press on, until you are successful.

Patricia Grant-Kitson is a human resource management and training consultant.

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... say goodbye to the past failed interviews. It's no use beating on yourself for the things you think you did wrong.