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Donovan Murphy gives back to his alma mater

Published:Sunday | January 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Alvin White (left) and Donovan Murphy hang out at the Harewood Primary School reunion. - Photo by Rasbert Turner

Donovan Murphy expressed a clear message of commitment to upgrade the standard of his alma mater, Harewood Primary School in St Catherine.

He was among persons who turned up for a fund-raising venture for the upkeep of the school on Monday, December 28 .

Murphy, who resides abroad, told those gathered at the school's compound that he has benefited from computer literacy and is bringing it to his district.

"I have to be thankful for the help that Children First has given to me, however, this was where it all started so I must give back to empower the community," Murphy said.

school's reunion

He told The Gleaner that in addition to the US$2,000 that he donated at the school's reunion, within three months the computer lab would be completed.

"The land has been secured and the work is about to start. It is like a dream come true, as now I can give back," he said.

"I am pleased to be here with Donovan, as he is an executive in my company and this clearly indicates that he is a good person who remember his roots," reasoned Alvin White, who was visiting from the United States with Murphy.

"The building of a computer lab can only make the community stronger, therefore, it is a welcome gesture by a past student and resident of the area," said André Hylton, a member of the school board.

It was the view of a number of those who turned out that the school and community need all the help available, and that the lab was a great start.

The community is located in North East St Catherine, between Riversdale and Williamsfield.