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Digicel Haiti up and running

Published:Monday | January 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Digicel network is now functioning well in Port-au-Prince with more and more customers connecting to it and being able to make and receive calls, text messages, email and BlackBerry Messenger notes.

The telecommunications com-pany, in a statement to the media yesterday, also described coverage in the rest of the country as "good". To add to the US$5 million the company donated to relief efforts, the statement went on to say that Digicel was also giving each Digicel customer in Haiti US$5 of free call credit which, the company said, equates to a US$10-million donation.

Huge donations

Since deploying a team of technicians to Haiti following the January 12 7.0-magnitude earth-quake, Digicel has been working to restore its network in Haiti to full capacity.

Digicel has also set up the Digicel Haiti Relief Fund.

Just over two days after the fund went live, US$300,000 was donated by Digicel customers.

In addition to previous aid drops over the last five days, Digicel has assembled a 110,000lb cargo of medical supplies, food and water ready to go to Haiti from Jamaica.

In its statement, Digicel, thanked people for the kindness they had shown in donating but said they should keep giving.

Progress report

All of Digicel's three switch sites, which serve the country, are operational. One is damaged, but an interim solution has been put in place until new equipment arrives.

70 per cent of the network's cell sites are on air. The company is working on restoring service to the remaining 30 per cent.

Roaming is fully operational.

There is still some congestion on the network when making and receiving international calls.


You can play your part by texting the word 'HELP' or calling 162 as many times as you like. Each call or text costs just $25 and 100% of all donations go directly to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.