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BEAUTY: Bold strokes - It's high-pigment make-up time

Published:Monday | January 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

An array of MAC high-pigment colours.

CAN YOU remember walking into a make-up store and, upon seeing some vibrant, coloured eye and lip colour, you just had to get them? And then, when you purchased and subsequently began using them, all you were left with was just disappointment and annoyance? Well, chances are, the reason for this was simply because the colour came out looking nothing like what you saw in the package, transmitting a very ashy, light or dull version of what you really wanted.

Well, high-pigment make-up is here to solve this problem because what you see is truly what you get. Over the past year, high-pigment make-up has become increasingly popular with many make-up brands.

Popular brands such as MAC, L'oreal and Revlon have several high-pigment make-up products on the market, ranging in many different colours.

According to make-up artist and store manager at Body Accents, Suzanne Stewart, the high-pigment make-up are pretty much obvious once they are applied. They are rich in colour and show up boldly. "Once you put them on, you see them. These high pigment make-up can come in sheer or matted form", she notes.

According to Stewart, fingers are adequate for applying the make-up. However, if it is sheer, a brush can be used as a substitute.

High-pigment make-up is not only limited to eye shadows; there are also lip glosses and eyeliners that are high-pigmented, allowing persons to experiment and use the many colours to enhance their positive features.

Flair visited Body Accents to share some of these high-pigmented make-up and to illustrate the effects you can achieve from using them.

Left: Tanielle Watson, before she was dolled up using high-pigment make-up.

Right: The finished look.

Make-up artist: Suzanne Stewart

Model: Tanielle Watson

Location: Body Accents, Shop 13, upstairs and downstairs, Mall Plaza, Kingston. Tel: 908-3740.