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Victim of good intentions

Published:Monday | January 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

By now drivers on the Mandela Highway must have seen, if not encountered, the many workers, men and women, in their numbers, cleaning the sides of roads.

This is a really great initiative on the part of whomever is responsible. I wonder though if they have really taken into consideration the risks to us motorists, from these men using these weed whackers.

Well, as a victim of this great initiative, let me advise of the dangers.

I was returning from Spanish Town on Monday, January 11 about 3:00 in the afternoon and met several groups of men in the vicinity of Central Village. I was met with a barrage of tiny missiles, small stones being flung at great speed on to my windscreen and passenger side of the vehicle from the activity of the weed whackers. My immediate thought was, this could damage cars or even damage eyes if the car windows were down.

Cracked windscreen

I went on my way home, thankful that I was OK. Or so I thought.

It was now Tuesday and my car was being cleaned in my garage. I was called to look at something. When I arrived outside, I was looking at a cracked windscreen. It was easy to see where the very small pebble had landed just above the windscreen wiper. The act of lifting the wiper, removed the pressure which until then had prevented the damage from radiating. My windscreen was broken from one of those pebbles and I had no one to talk to about restitution.

I am sure that there are other stories like mine. The cleaning is essential, but how do we prevent this likely damage to individuals and their vehicles?

Someone must address this issue before it becomes an eye.

I am, etc.,


St Andrew