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Senior citizen shares good memories

Published:Wednesday | January 20, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Craig Head, Manchester:

FOR MANY, long life may not have been a wish but an unexpected gift for which they are grateful. This is the case with Advira Coley of Craig Head district in northeast Manchester, who has reached a milestone.

The senior citizen, who is 105 years old, was born on October 17, 1905. Her life's journey began in the rural district of Norway in Trelawny where she spent most of her childhood days with her godmother.

With many good memories, she however expressed regret that she did not get a chance to attend school, which deprived her of the opportunity to read the Bible for herself.

Despite her educational setback, she is well versed on the contents of the Bible, often repeating several Psalms and reciting stories she was taught in Sunday school.

Recalling that she was baptised in 1933, her clarity of thought leaves no doubt she is a blessed woman.

Her inquisitive and thought-provoking questions shields her age, while her memory rivals those of a much younger person.

Coley told The Gleaner that she has outlived two husbands.

Expressing her strong belief in the principles of the Bible, she said life posed many challenges but the Lord helped her to remain strong.

One of six girls to her parents, Mira and David Bennett, Miss Addie, as she is affectionately called, had no biological children but was responsible for many youngsters in her community.

She is being cared for by one of her adopted grandchildren and other members of the Craig Head community, who have fond memories of her kindness to them when they were children.

- Angelo Laurence