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Published:Thursday | January 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Pentagon orders more US Marines to Haiti


The Defense Department is ordering another 2,000 US Marines to Haiti, diverting troops that were on their way to the Gulf and Africa. Navy officials announced yesterday that the three-ship USS Nassau Amphibious Ready Group left port Monday for its regular deployment but has been told to go Haiti instead for the earthquake relief effort. The group is picking up Marines in the state of North Carolina and will include 2,000 sailors and 2,000 Marines when it gets under way for Haiti, perhaps as early as Thursday. The first group of some 2,000 Marines already off Haiti's shore went on land for the first time Tuesday to help deliver aid. A Pentagon official says there are some 11,500 US military personnel in Haiti or offshore and 16,000 are expected by week's end.

Aid planes bound for Haiti land for free

Bermuda (CMC):

The Bermuda government yesterday waived all airport and landing fees for planes stopping off here en route to earthquake-stricken Haiti. A number of planes, including a Jordanian Lockheed C-130, have stopped at the L.F. Wade International Airport on their way to Haiti to drop desperately needed aid to residents in the disaster zone. The planes have originated in countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. "Given our unique geographic location (in the north Atlantic), L.F. Wade International Airport is serving as a minor staging facility for relief missions from around the world, making their way to Haiti to provide aid supplies and resources, said Airport Manager Aaron Adderley.

Antigua Opposition wants relaxation of adoption laws

Antigua (CMC):

The main opposition Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ALP) on Tuesday said it is supporting moves by members of the public who are seeking to adopt children from earthquake-ravaged Haiti. "Because thousands of young children in Haiti have now been left orphaned by the death of their parents, relatives and neighbours, and since so many homes and buildings in Haiti have been destroyed, the number of children requiring a home and loving parents have ballooned following the earthquake," the ALP said in a statement.