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Published:Friday | January 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Foolish views about Haiti

I must say that I find very disturbing, especially from the Christian communities, their views about the Haitian earthquake which has killed thousands.

There seems to be this belief that the Haitians are being punished because of voodoo practices, but I think this is absolutely ridiculous because no one seems to say that other developed nations are been punished whenever they have disasters, this is simply put aside as nature's doing.

If the Christians were right and the Haitians were being punished for so-called wrongdoings, when will our former slave masters get their punishment or are they saying that slavery was not a bad thing that was done and it is not seen as worthy punishment in the eyes of their God?

It is time that the black diaspora stop having these backward views in the 21st century and embrace the fact that this was nothing more than a geological disaster which is likely to happen again regardless of whether people practise voodoo, Christianity or Buddhism.

- Tony Thomas,, London

What's the policy?

In light of recent announcements by the Government with respect to the expected arrival of Haitians on Jamaica's shores, I believe the Jamaican public deserves a more comprehensive explanation of the plans that have been made and are being put in place.

We have been told of a holding facility of sorts being created to house Haitians upon their arrival, with beefed-up security at expected points of entry and so on, but nothing has been said about the direction that will be taken after this point. The Government's plan appears to be incomplete on this matter, in light of the fact that no word has been forthcoming from CARICOM regarding the role other Caribbean states will play in the assimilation of Haitians into their societies, the unchanged status of US foreign policy with respect to fleeing Haitians and especially in light of Jamaica's present economic situation.

I would urge our Government to assess this issue with as much balance as possible and not with what appears to be a purely emotional response, in addition to keeping the Jamaican people as informed on this matter as is possible.

- D. Taylor,, Kingston 20

Mass cremation

The effects of decaying bodies, stench, breeding of flies which feed on the wounds of the helplessly injured people can only make matters worse.

Why not have mass cremations and later build a monument to the memory of the departed?

Please remove the dead from among the living. The only dignity that we can offer to the victims of these earthquakes is to remove the bodies out of sight as quickly as possible. May their souls rest in peace.

- Eugena Robinson,, Port Maria, St Mary