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The Pub Bar and Grill

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Elisabeth Salmon, Gleaner Writer

With ingredients like Gold Label and pineapple juice blended to perfection, it's no wonder the Mayfair Special is the number-one choice for The Pub's poolside patrons.

Whether it's to blow off some steam after work or just to catch up with friends, Jamaicans are always looking for a new place to hang out. With so many options, where do you choose? Let Saturday Life give you tips on finding your new 'spot'. This week, we feature The Pub Bar and Grill.

From indoor booths and bar stools to outdoor barrels and benches, The Pub Bar and Grill provides versatility for its customers with its very framework, to which few other grill bars can compete. Dating back to 1968, the bar, which is located at Mayfair Hotel in St Andrew, has continued to expand, now boasting two separate outdoor areas - an addition to its original indoor structure - priding itself on mountainside views and poolside seating.

full-service bar

This English-themed pub, with walls covered in old-time keepsakes, has certainly become both a weekend hot spot and a weekday hideout, and rightfully so. It offers not only a full-service bar stocked with wines, beer and other spirits (even on tap), but also serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Although The Pub cooks up local dishes, the most ordered item on the menu is undoubtedly its signature club sandwich.

Keeping with its theme, The Pub also hosts a 'fish fry' every Friday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., with tasty options such as fried parrot fish or snapper, fish soup and roast fish. The Pub also creates a number of speciality drinks and cocktails, its signature being the Mayfair Special - a blend of pineapple juice, lime juice, Myers Rum, white rum and Gold Label.

Director Howard McIntosh describes The Pub as "a place where you can come and feel relaxed, not somewhere you have to watch what you wear". He attributes the establishment's success to its laid-back vibe, a vision he had, which owners of the Mayfair Hotel, Jalil Dabdoub and Fouad Marzouca, understood and encouraged.

Quick facts

Dress code - casual

Music - hip hop, pop, alternative, reggae, oldies


Parking 2/5

Accessibility 4/5

General info

The Pub Bar and Grill is located at 4 West Kings House Close (on the Mayfair Hotel property).

Opening hours: Mondays-Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Telephone number: 920-8572

From left: Margaret Peryer, Tina Wong and Jackie Simmonds are all smiles as they unwind after work. - Photos by Elisabeth Salmon

The Pub has certainly become a Friday night hot spot. From left: Nicole Hines, Mikhail Johnson, Doneisha Burke and André Smith.

This eclectic bunch is certainly ready for the weekend. From left: Michael Mair, John O'Donoghue, Jason Lopez, Sarah Cummings, Peter Silvera, Sara Mair and Ronan McGrane.

The club sandwich is The Pub's most popular menu item, and with fresh ingredients in hefty portions, we can see why!

The Pub has certainly become a Friday night hot spot. From left: Nicole Hines, Mikhail Johnson, Doneisha Burke and André Smith.

Captain Michael Scarlett (back, centre) and his crew navigate their way through a few drinks on Friday night. Seated are Yasmin Spiro and Ben Waltzer. Standing are (from left) Susan Scarlett and Nicole Gibson.

The pool at Mayfair Hotel certainly enhances the social atmosphere for customers.

Old friends Dianne Wan, Karen Darby (centre) and Brian Cheung catch up by the Pub poolside.

Prime indoor seating to catch the season's game.