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Published:Monday | January 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Commendations to Martin Henry

Would like to commend Martin Henry on an excellent article in The Sunday Gleaner. It was so good I read it thrice, just to process the most important points.

That the church has a role to play in society is a given, but is the church aware of that role? There is so much confusion in this regard. It would be great if the church would continue the debate.

Great piece, MH.

- Kadene Porter


We should keep Air Jamaica

I cannot imagine this 'institution' that is Air Jamaica being sold to a non-Jamaican entity. I understand the airline needs to be viable, but if Trinidad sees an opportunity to keep it afloat, why can't we as Jamaicans?

Like Trinidad, Jamaica also has talented and smart business leaders and government. We should be doing everything possible to reduce costs and ensure this airline remains Jamaican-owned. Sure, having Jamaican pilots and stewardesses will maintain the flavour but if we peel the skin off, we would have indicated to the world we are out of ideas.

As Jamaicans we ought to be open to restructuring, that's the nature of the economic times. From a business and government perspective, some things are more important than relinquishing our only airline to the highest bidder. It is called pride.

- Orville McGrath


Jamaica's duty to Haiti

Jamaica has a duty - as a member of CARICOM, as a majority Black nation and, moreover, as a Christian nation - to make sure that every Haitian who turns up on our shores, seeking refuge from the crisis currently taking place in their homeland, is warmly welcomed, properly cared for and treated with dignity and respect throughout the duration of his or her stay.

No Jamaican would want to be refused entry by a country, particularly a Caribbean one, in which they sought temporary refuge. Many reasons can be given in favour of turning Haitians away and sending them back to their homeland but none of those reasons can supersede the humanitarian one that dictates that we should help our neighbours, particularly those that are desperately in need. Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions!

- Patrick A. Gallimore