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Writer betrays greed, selfishness

Published:Monday | January 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Should I commend or dismiss you for the choice of the Letter of the Day in the Saturday, January 23 edition? Certainly it must have been chosen to make a satirical point to your readers and highlight the selfishness of certain persons.

The writer, 'Angellamb', is caught off guard to now learn that as an investor, she is responsible for her own decisions and nothing is risk free. To use borrowed funds to invest in government paper is greed - pure and simple. Certainly, it is no sacrifice on her part, and foolish people usually deserve what they get.

It is a factor that drives up interest rates and crowds out the productive sectors from getting funds from banks. Borrowing funds is never risk free. I once had loans to fund my business in the productive sector years before FINSAC. But seeing persons getting easy returns on high-interest government paper, I sensibly sold out, paid off my loans, stopped working six to seven days, and invested the gains likewise. But it was always my own hard-earned money. And now I accept the reality that faces the Government and me as a prudent way to protect at the least my principal, but most of all this country where we live.

I have been contemplating a return to investing in productive activity. I am now encouraged by the debt-exchange programme as a step to ensure macroeconomic stability that reduces my exposure to risks as a real investor.

I am, etc.,


Spanish Town

St Catherine