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Flow WiFi technology to power Jamaica Jazz and Blues

Published:Tuesday | January 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Sharon Roper, Flow's director of marketing. - Contributed

The organisers of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival have teamed up with Flow, Jamaica's broadband communications company, to add new hi-tech communications features to the renowned music festival. Attendees to the festival will enjoy fast Internet connection, via Flow's WiFi Internet solution, across the venue. Flow will also facilitate a dedicated channel, channel 395 on its network that will feature highlights of the festival.

"We are the official Internet sponsors of the festival this year," said Sharon Roper, director of marketing at Flow. "As such, we are ensuring that all patrons have access to the Internet, via our WiFi zones, so that they can communicate to their friends about the festival. We are also happy to host both local and international media, so that they (will be able to) upload their stories and features on the festival via our blazing speed Internet, and through Flow's digital landlines, at the media centre at the Jazz and Blues venue."

First-class technology

According to Roper, Flow's overall objective is to enhance communications at the festival. "When you think about it, the Jamaica Jazz and Blues concert is one of the largest cultural and entertainment events on the island," she said. "With Flow's first-class technology, we will help to showcase the rich cultural content of the festival against the backdrop of the new spectacular venue, so that many more Jamaicans, and visitors, can appreciate the importance of this event."

Walter Elmore of Turnkey Productions, the producers of the festival, expressed delight with the new partnership.

"This is another very important add-on for us for the festival this year," he said. "We are really focused on enhancing the overall experience of all attendees to the festival and we are happy that Flow is providing this much-needed communications service. We also look forward to showcasing the highlights of our Jazz and Blues channel - channel 395 - courtesy of Flow."

Roper is also encouraging the public to experience the Flow technology first-hand at the Jazz and Blues festival by visiting the Flow lounge.

"This festival is a perfect background for Flow to showcase our products and services," said Roper. "Our booth will be divided into Watch, Talk and Click zones, each highlighting our broadband technology and the latest innovations that we have to offer. Patrons who visit the Flow Internet café will be able to keep in touch via blogs, photos, etc. Visitors will also get an opportunity to be on a new television programme that will be aired on the Jazz and Blues channel."

Flow will be hosting the 'Flow green carpet at Jazz and Blues' television programme. This will showcase the patrons and artistes, who will be attending the festival and will also feature behind-the-scene footage of the festival, the booths, other sponsors and visitors to the Jazz and Blues Festival.