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Published:Tuesday | January 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

From left: Host Laura Mazabel, Claudia Rueda, Fernanda Hofer and Patricia Martinez celebrating their time in Jamaica. - PhotoS BY Janet Silvera

It was barbecue time at Laura Mazabel and Tristan Alvarado's home at Tryall Club, in Hanover, on Sunday afternoon and we have the highlights for you.

Daniel Quetglas, Club Riu Negril and Manolo Parejo of Hospiten, cooling out on a Sunday afternoon at Laura Mazabel and Tristan Alvarado's Tryall Club home in Hanover.

Raquel Benitez (left) and Martina Serra were among the large group of Hispanics who turned out to partake of the barbecue at Laura Mazabel and Tristan Alvarado's home, at Tryall Club in Hanover, on Sunday afternoon.

The fabulous Lila Pena (left) and Gabriela Gonzalez, fresh out of Mexico, are catching up on the latest happenings.

Boys just wanna have fun! From left: General manager of the Grand Bahia Principe, Daniel Ferra, Chief Executive Officer of MBJ Airports Limited, Fernando Bosque, and host Tristan Alvarado competing to see who is the tallest!

From left: Peter MacHolst, his wife Patricia Martinez and Fernanda Hofer pose for the camera at Laura Mazabel and Tristan Alvarado's home.

From Left: Homeowner at Tryall Club, Alice Needle, Omar Guzman and Monica Cordova of Mexico enjoying all aspects of a welcome to a Jamaican barbecue

Tuesday talk

Suddenly single no more

Many doubted that the suddenly single guy would have been on the streets of the city for long. And sure enough, he has been snatched up by one of the ladies who was on man alert. Too bad none of the ladies on the rock made the cut.

Searching in the rubble

Seems that there were other commodities being imported by Jamaicans from Haiti, besides guns. We gather that the high-profile lady was in a tizzy last week trying to find her contact among the rubble. In Port-au-Prince that contact is said to be a voodoo specialist.

Major break-up

Someone forgot to record one major break-up which has sent the man into exile in South Florida while the lady is here trying to pick up the pieces.

Blue pills

There was celebration among the seniors at the usual watering-hole this weekend, for they were happy that the celebrated actor Michael Douglas made it public that he has been getting help from the little blue tablets to keep up with his young wife. What's wrong with using medicine to enhance life? they asked.