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LETTER OF THE DAY - Why demolish the FINSAC enquiry?

Published:Wednesday | January 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Why is it that certain people and companies and the lawyers representing them want to derail the FINSAC commission of enquiry at any cost?

Is it because Jamaicans who have been 'FINSAC'd' and had their homes sold by FINSAC, and have been calling for accounts in court from those who ought to give the accounts to them but have refused to do so because they cannot, and this will be publicly disclosed?

Is it because they are concerned that evidence unearthed by the Commission will reveal misdeeds of the past?

Is it because special interests want to conceal the truth?

Is it because they are concerned with the public interest or their own?

Will the lawyers representing the Bank of Jamaica disclose to the public the hourly rates being charged by them and paid for by the people of Jamaica? Will the Bank of Jamaica reveal to the public the hourly rates which they are paying to these lawyers?

Mr Editor, should not those who are calling for the demolition of the Commission of Enquiry be asked to give the real reasons why they made this call? The purported reason given has been publicly refuted. What is the real reason?

The truth will set us free!

I am, etc.,

G. Anthony Levy