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Published:Friday | January 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Make your own job

I am always bemused by people like your letter writer 'The dilemma of an SLB delinquent', who were fortunate enough to attend a tertiary institution at taxpayers' expense, and when they graduate complain about not being able to get a job. Why are these people who had the good fortune of benefiting from a good education not making jobs for themselves and providing employment for other people in the process, who did not get this benefit?

The field the letter writer is in provides excellent opportunity for self-employment and the capital does not even have to be high. Why would they want to work for somebody else? I am sure there are institutions out there which will provide start-up money at low interest and, in any case, a number of them can pool their capital.

There are quite a few people in this country, who never had the benefit of tertiary education and are employing hundreds of people, so why not them?

I might sound harsh but I have no sympathy for young people who are educated, especially to the tertiary level, who complain about not being able to get a job. None at all.

Lloyd Russell

Discovery Bay, St Ann

The FINSAC inquiry

In Wednesday's Gleaner, G. Anthony Levy, in the Letter of the Day, asked why there was an interest in demolishing the FINSAC inquiry. As one who thinks this inquiry is a waste of time and scarce resources, let me take the opportunity to answer him.

First, it will change nothing. no money will be unearthed and no reparations are going to be made. Second, if the then Government's high interest-rate regime, not bad business practices by local banks, are to be blamed for the disaster, then why is it that the foreign-owned and controlled banks came out with barely a scratch?

Third, this inquiry has been conducted in a fashion that should have it rebranded as the FINSAC Inquisition. Fourth, between the manner in which the 'inquisition' has been handled, the healthy pay packages to the commissioners and their support staff and the allegations of bias, no conclusion or assessment produced by them will have any serious value, as the commission's credibility has evaporated.

So, as a tax-paying citizen I think this is a total waste of my money.

Paul Duncan