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The Medusa is the crave rave

Published:Saturday | January 30, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Photos by Elisabeth Salmon
Co-owner of Medusa, Pierre Solomon, always has a hand free for gal pal Simona Watkis from Digicel.

Elisabeth Salmon, Gleaner Writer

Whether it's to blow off some steam after work or just to catch up with friends, Jamaicans are always looking for a new place to hang out. With so many options, where do you choose? Today's Saturday Life feature, The Spot, shines the spotlight on an eatery which might become your new spot. This week's spot is Medusa.

Part-owners Kevin Peart, Pierre Solomon and Jason Lee describe Medusa as "the closest thing to Cheers", with an intimate, laid-back ambience where everybody knows your name. It's clear to see the comparison to the '80s TV sitcom.

Nestled discreetly among the hustle and bustle characteristic of Liguanea, St Andrew, this quasi-rustic, open-air deck has surely set the stage for the weekly meet-up with friends, the 5 o'clock after-work cocktail or even that awkward group date.

Among the Medusa family is mixologist Phillip Lovejoy, who is able to create personalised cocktails based on his first impression of a customer, alongside chefs Reisner Morales and Homel Simpson who whip up much more than fries in the kitchen.

Menu anything but typical

Medusa may cook up common bar appetisers such as chicken wings, cheese burgers and pork sandwiches, but its menu is anything but typical, offering up entrées such as lobster thermidor, garlic shrimp and its most popular dish, chicken pasta, which arrives hot with an aroma that precedes its five-star presentation and a burst of fresh flavours to match.

The restaurant also serves lunch from Monday to Friday with Jamaican and Cuban dishes for $500 and under. Medusa's prices have certainly added to the bar's successful distinctiveness with food prices not surpassing $1,500 nightly.

Medusa is most noted for its recession-friendly speciality nights, which include the popular Appleton Wednesdays, which allow customers to enter and drink beers, wines and spirits between 5 p.m and midnight for only one grand, while listening to the latest in popular music. It has also introduced an international night on Saturdays, with a heavy influence from Latin music and dancing.

With efficient staff, adequate security, eclectic musical styling, well-mixed drinks and atypical menu options, Medusa will continue to spearhead the casual nightlife experience for years to come.

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Quick facts

Dress code: casual

Music: Reggae, oldies and pop: Mondays-Thursdays

Dancehall and hip hop: Fridays

Latin: Saturdays


Parking: 2/5

Accessibility: 3/5

Ambience: intimate and relaxed

Highly recommended ...

Drink: Medusa Special - a sweet mix of peach schnapps, amaretto, banana, pineapple juice, orange juice and triple sec.

Food: Chorizo petite - a popular Cuban dish made of a well-spiced, smoked pork sausage, complete with melted cheese.

Ideal for groups, as seating is easily transported and rearranged.

General info - Located at 96 Hope Road, St Andrew

Opening hours: Mondays- Saturdays, 4 p.m.-2 a.m.

Phone number: 978-3741

Medusa's deck is a great chill spot.

The chorizo petite - well-spiced, smoked pork sausages, complete with melted cheese, is a must-try at Medusa.

Medusa has become one of the leading hot spots for Kingston's young elite. From left are Demetre Chuck, Toni-Ann Henry, Mariana Bloomfield, Matthew Bird, Christie Chuck, Jourdy Sleem and Alyssa Moo Young.