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Published:Monday | February 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Revisit extradition treaty

Jamaica may need to take another look at the extradition treaty it has with the United States and other countries as it seems more of an edict from a colonial power that an agreement between equal partners against criminal activities. Indeed, some parts of this agreement could lead to political manipulation.

We still have a history of bowing to former colonial powers and show little resistance to many of the insults that they throw at us in the name of diplomacy. Indeed, we have a class of Jamaicans who regret us losing our privileged colonial subdued status as they keep on talking about the good old days when "this and that" used to happen.

I do not really want to bring up the past but when I see vestiges of it still with us in how our government functions, and the ways we as individuals behave, what other choice is there? They say experience teaches a fool. Are we going to be fools forever?

John Riley

Delusional or the real deal?

I write in reference to Steve Lyston's letter to the editor on January 30, with regard to this business of prophecy. The 'apostle' shouldn't be so hard on his critics, since there are so many 'ginnals' going around Jamaica, and the world, claiming to be prophets that are sent by God.

It is clear that in the days of ancient Israel, when there was no written guide like the Bible, God spoke to His people through these prophets who gave them His directions as the chosen people. Before the early church received the Scriptures there was also the need for edification and direction through the Spirit.

But what isbehind thispublic displayof one of the gifts meant for the body of Christ? Perhapsa "newer" testament is in the making, or there is more to be added to the Bible. Whatever the answer, Apostle Lyston is either the real deal with a hotline to heaven, or he is as sadly deluded as that famousprophet who went beforehim, who also called down the sinofblasphemy on any criticism ofhis prophecies, which he also claimed was God's word.

You know how it is said, "once bitten, twice shy"?People just don't want to be bitten again.

Orville Smith

Thanks from Seattle

I'm a Haitian citizen who resides in Seattle, Washington, USA. I thank all my Jamaican neighbours for the sympathy you have shown toward my unfortunate countrymen and women, following the latest earthquake that has devastated my poor country.

Felix Pierre Louis

pierrelouisfelix@yahoo.comSeattle WA USA.