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Give the Jamaican diaspora a vote

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I REFER to the letter titled 'Bad advice from Diaspora group'. I would agree entirely with the writer, Hero Carlito, except on two points.

I think this organisation should relieve Sharon Abrahams and Patric Beckford of their positions and find others who have plain common sense to lead such an organisation in helping ourselves and our beloved country of Jamaica, especially in these times.

The other imperative is that the Jamaican diaspora should be intricately involved with the governance of Jamaica, given the advantage of, should I say, 'A bird's eye view' on what is really happening 'ina wi yard'.

We who are living in other countries of the world should have the right to vote in Jamaica. Most Jamaicans living elsewhere long for the day when they can come home and live out the rest of their lives peacefully. They would take back what they have accomplished and more, which would give Jamaica the real energy it needs. This can only be accomplished when we work together. Having all the money from the International Monetary Fund and other sources cannot solve the country's economic problems, because of bad policies. Only we, the people, working together with common goals, can accomplish this.

I am, etc.,

Donovan Harris