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Take a moment to share a smile

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hi neighbour! Coexisting on this planet are people who violate and brutalise one another for the stupidest of reasons, and others who are always willing to give a helping hand to others, no matter the circumstance. It's a woeful/wonderful world indeed!

The peasant or president, driven by the spirit of selfishness, is always a liability to humanity. Their costly atrocities are often paid for by others. The man or woman who is guided by the spirit of neighbourliness is always an asset to the human race. Their deeds often make the difference between life and death for many persons.

These kind-hearted individuals are often found within religious bodies, social-service organisations and groups such as Food For The Poor, The Salvation Army, Adventist Development & Relief Agency, Red Cross and so on. They are always picking up pieces and mending lives. There is hope for the world!

Let's all get together and expand hope by highlighting acts of selflessness that we see around us daily. When people are hopeful, there is a tendency to be selfless, and the selfless love others as themselves.

Eternally grateful

Some years ago, my father-in-law was very ill and had to be taken to the hospital. It was a stormy night and it was unwise to venture out. We prayed. His caregivers called his doctor for an opinion. He said that they should try to get him to the hospital. They couldn't. The ambulances were contacted. They could not come - too much water on the roads. Within half an hour or so, Dr Blythe from Andrews Memorial Hospital, in the pouring rain and strong wind, was at my father-in-law's house to take him to the hospital.

With the help of the Guiding Hand, they arrived at the hospital safely, where the patient was treated and released within a day or two. The family is eternally grateful to this selfless doctor who always wears a smile.

I find that unselfish people smile a lot. They are seldom depressed, distressed or distraught. They do not have suicidal tendencies. They have the capacity to weather any storm. They always have a word of encouragement for the despairing.

We challenge every reader to become a giver and see if you don't become happier.

As we often say, those who reach out for help should reach out with help, because it is in giving to others that the things we need come to us. Help someone today by picking from opportunities listed below!

Silton Townsend, the author of Hello Mi Neighbour, is better known for his character portrayal of 'Maas Gussie' on the once-aired local sitcom, 'Lime Tree Lane'.

Jamaican medical personnel attend to an earthquake victim in one of many makeshift outdoor hospitals set up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Many Jamaicans, in true neighbourly fashion, assisted Haitians affected by the quake, donating cash, food, water and clothes, while others flew or sailed in to assist health and search-and-rescue operations. - Ian Allen/Photographer

Thanks to these neighbours

1. Janet, St Mary, for connecting with a sickle-cell neighbour who needed help.

2. Sister Moore, St James, for donating adult diapers.

3. Delores, St Catherine, for offering adult and children's clothing.

4. Mrs Brown, St Andrew, assisting Selina, a job keeper from St Andrew.

5. Ms Clayton, St Andrew, for adult clothing.

6. Lorraine, St Andrew, for offer of children's clothing to Karen, St Andrew.

7. Margaret, St Andrew, offering children's and adult clothing to neighbours who got burnt out.

8. Sister Pat, St Andrew, for offering bed and clothing to her needy neighbour.

9. Sylvester, St Andrew, for connecting with Maureen who needs chickens to help generate an income; and Sheryl, who needs a stove to bake pastry for a living.

10. Neighbour, for assisting Marita with schoolbags and other supplies for her children.

11. Laurel, St Catherine, for offering a mattress for older neighbour.

Opportunities to help neighbours

1. Single mother diagnosed with a serious illness; asking neighbour for a container to start a little business to support her young sons.

2. Shanique, asking for a stove and a dresser.

3. Sophia, single parent in need of food for three teenagers who are not supported by their father.

4. Derita, St Catherine, has many health challenges; in need of a mattress.

5. Sister Kerr can no longer work; in need of a stove.

6. Miss Gray, mother of two daughters, asking for a bed.

7. Shauna, unemployed, asking for bed and curtains.

8. Yvette, St Andrew, asking neighbours for GSAT books.

9. Ms Martin, mother of three (four-month-old twins included), St Catherine; asking for clothing for the children and twin pram.

10. Elaine, mother of three, Clarendon, asking neighbours for dining table and chest of drawers.

11. Angella, diabetic single mother of five, Manchester, asking for a stove.

To help, please call 906-3167, 884-3866 or 373-7745, or email, and we will make the link. Those who desire to make financial donations to this project may make deposits to account 351 044 276 at the National Commercial Bank. Bank routing password: JNCBJMKX.