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Thursday talk - Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Published:Thursday | February 4, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Bridezilla onthe rampage!

1. Guests at the recent nuptials are still perplexed by the actions of the bride, who literally brought the proceedings to a halt in order to rush outside so that she could chew out a photographer for taking pictures. When the dust was finally settled, it seems that the bride, who was acting more like Bridezilla, had made some 'exclusive' arrangement with another social photographer! Well, that news has not gone down well, generally!

A wise man prospers

2. To some, he is the Million Dollar Man, as this, they say, is the cost of doing business with him. Mind you, they say he has invested his fees wisely, as his real-estate portfolio has grown leaps and bounds in recent times!

The best isyet to come

3. There are those snickering about the bona fides of the 'Star', as they say his multi-star billing in a number of high-profile roles is more than cause for concern and has left egg on the face of the lead actress. And those in the know are saying the best is yet to come, as there are still a number of starring roles for which he has not yet been fully accredited.

How dare they!

4. Some are still fuming about the decision to 'invite' international diplomats here and then ask them to pay for an excursion to the north coast!

Deal suspended

5. Seems like everything was all set to hand over the 'controversial' property as both political settlement, as well as to stave off other legal wrangling. Some legal minds did not like the terms of the transaction, however, and this led to at least one resignation and a suspension of the handover 'ceremony'.

Check those books!

6. Some say if the acting commish is serious about tackling corruption within his ranks, he should order an immediate audit of the books used for ticketing supposedly errant motorists.

What's going on?

7. Some recent appointments continue to raise so many of the party faithful's eyebrows. Some fear a mutiny is at hand, as they contend that some of those plum appointments have gone to the House of Orange.

Heads have gotta roll!

8. The protocol people keep on getting it wrong. This time, there was another major foul-up at an official dinner that saw some invited guests being ushered into the event through a side door. The embarrassment was so acute, some say heads must roll.