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Response to 'Get serious about crime'

Published:Friday | February 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I would like to respond to the letter 'Get serious about crime' in The Gleaner dated February 3. The writer, in the opening sentence, posited: "There is no sign that the Government or the police is aware of the seriousness of this problem." I would like to add that the public needs to get serious about crime too! We the public stand to loose a lot, especially in the areas which boast high incidences of crime and violence. For some of us, our children, spouses and other relatives are perpetuators of these crimes. When we are not at the bad end of the stick, we continue life sedately, blocking the anguished cries of those who hurt. At other times, we think we should not be involved because crime is not happening in our households or our communities, and there are others who fear to make a stand.

I will say to Jamaica, fighting crime is everybody's business and we should all unite to fight the few which are holding us at ransom. Parents should play their part by growing their children to be building blocks of society, then we would have a better police force, a better set of teachers, nurses and preachers ... the list is not endless. Crime fighting is a cooperative effort among the public, Government and the police. To see success, the Government and the police will have to lay a foundation wherein this cooperation may be fostered.

I will end on this note, Jamaica, we need to make crime fighting our business! Jamaica is ours and one negative affects us all.

I am, etc.,