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New boundaries for Trelawny?

Published:Friday | February 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter

THE ELECTORAL Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) has served notice that the constituency boundaries in Trelawny may have to be reconfigured.

At the same time, the ECJ has said St Thomas, Manchester, St Ann and Westmoreland could soon reach the stage where they require additional constituencies.

"It may mean that one or more of these parishes will deserve an additional constituency, no matter what the passions are with respect to those that are in Kingston and St Andrew," Professor Errol Miller, chairman of the ECJ, said.

The ECJ was addressing the Boundaries Committee of Parliament on Wednesday.

"We are alerting you because there are serious demographical challenges to be looked at," Miller warned.

Trelawny's challenges

He told the committee that Trelawny was also facing challenges of its own which may need adjustments soon.

"If the current demographic trends continue, and the internal migration continues, then although the parish of Trelawny cannot go below two constituencies, there may need to be a realignment of boundaries in Trelawny because of the imbalance between North and South," Miller said.

Based on the November 2009 voters' list, South Trelawny has 16,915 electors, while North Trelawny has 30,910 registered voters.

The ECJ has recommended to Parliament that two additional seats be created in St Catherine and one additional constituency be established in St James. This will take the number of constituencies to 63.

Parliament, based on convention, is expected to approve the recommendations.